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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a diverse group of volunteers who represent a cross-section of our community; business, tenants, real estate, architecture, social media, community advocate, web communications, architecture, law, business analysis, management and health consulting, and property management.

Board Members work as a team and act as governing trustees of the organization on behalf of the community at large. The Board members share their expertise in a broad range of areas and provide the foundation for the agency’s initiatives.


  • President, Ms Michaela Macpherson – Communication Strategist
  • Vice President,  Ms Barbara Stewart – AIS Tenant/Community Advocate
  • Treasurer, Travis An, Accountant and Real State Analyst
  • Secretary – Celeste Erendrea,  Community Advocate


  • Mr. Gordon Lee, Lawyer
  • Mr. Scott Benness – AIS Tenant
  • Mr. Amin Chalabi, Project Manager/Financial Analyst
  • Ms. Bardha Oka, Property Manager
  • Mr. Kelvin Vo, Commercial Real State/Financial Analyst
  • Ms. Kim Tucker, Change Management Expert

AIS could not exist without the dynamic leadership of a group of volunteers who envision AIS as growing and being able to provide housing to more and more persons. Thank you to all the Board Members who give their time and talent to ensure a sustainable future for AIS.

AND the beat goes on….supportive housing is still a rare commodity. With over 13,000 persons on a waiting list, we cannot sit back and gloat. We must continue with the same fire and determination as that of the early pioneers of supportive housing to create more housing options.

Former Board Members:

  • Ms. Mahjabeen Chowdhury
  • Ms. Donna Mayer
  • Ms Marianne Peck
  • Mr. Aleks Karamarkovic
  • Ms Sandra Schwartz
  • Mr Murad Farah
  • Ms Ainsley Chapman,
  • Mr. Heinz Klein,
  • Ms Lisa Del Col,
  • Ms or Mr. Vishen Maharaj,
  • Ms Crystal-Marie Sealy,
  • Mr. Robert Aro,
  • Ms Laura Bennick,
  • Ms Celia Chandler,
  • Ms or Mr. Britt Haddy,
  • Ms or Mr. Alex Sharpe,
  • Ms or Mr. Santosh Zarcharias,
  • Mr. Ryan Hood,
  • Mr. Rob Hyndman,
  • Mr. Max Vo,
  • Mr. Ellis Martin.

Would you like to volunteer? The Board of Directors provides leadership opportunities. You could help expand AIS’ housing stock to address the growing demand for supportive housing. If you are compassionate about the issues of mental health and homelessness, and can think ‘big’, these are people we want to meet. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Board Member please contact Marissa Bastidas, Executive Director at 416-504-3610 ext 21 or