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External Posting
AIS Home Organizing, De-Cluttering and Pest Control Preparation Worker

Temporary Contract, Part-time

Date of Posting:  May 7, 2018

Deadline: May 21, 2018

Contract Dates: June 1, , 2018—August 31, 2018

Schedule: 14 Hours per week, as arranged with clients, and occasional staff meetings.

Regular working hours: Appointments to be made within the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Rate of Pay: $23.93 per hour

Job Description
The purpose of this position is to assist AIS tenants with reducing clutter and organizing their apartment to prevent health and safety hazards, including risks associated with pests. The Home Organizing Worker will have the dual role of offering practical assistance and preparing their home for pest management intervention; and to help tenants to take steps toward change with respect to neglect, self-neglect and hoarding behavior. Counselling, skill teaching, coaching and creative problem solving skills are required.

This position reports to the Program Manager

Job Responsibilities – Coaching and Counselling

·         Educate tenant about the facts of bedbug activity and preventative measures

·         Identify tenant’s needs with respect to preparing for pest control intervention

·         Assess for hoarding behavior

·         Work with Program Manager to develop a risk assessment and risk management plan

·         Encourage and support tenant’s participation in process of de-cluttering

·         Use motivational interviewing techniques to assist tenant with decision-making about belongings (i.e. hoarding rating scale)

·         Provide emotional support to tenant specific to pest-control needs only

·         Help client to identify and use strategies to prevent relapse

·         Assist client in exploring alternative sources of enjoyment and coping


Practical Assistance In partnership with tenants:

·         Assist tenants with laundry as part of pest control preparation

·         Assist with removal of garbage, recycling and unwanted items

·         Assist with some shifting of furniture within the apartment; arrange for assistance with heavy lifting or removals

·         Assist tenants with packing and unpacking of clothing, bedding, dishes, books etcetera.

·         Assist tenants with clearing of floors, emptying closet, drawers and cupboards

·         Assist tenants with storage and organization tips and tools for the home

·         Assist tenants with vacuuming box springs, frames, upholstered furniture, baseboards, dressers, cabinets, carpets, emptying canister and safely disposing of contents, and washing vacuum.

·         Use 2 step safety stool and follow Health and Safety procedures

·         Enclose mattress and box spring in bed bug covers

·         Carry and wear appropriate clothing (special cover-ups, appropriate shoes, booties)


The candidate must have significant experience working one to one with persons who have mental health challenges; must demonstrate an understanding of homelessness; understand the barriers to self-care and root causes of hoarding behavior. The candidate must have comprehensive knowledge of bed bug problems and other pest problems and best practices in pest control solutions. In addition, the candidate must have knowledge of mental health and physical health difficulties that impact the client and other in the AIS community. The candidate must be able to use motivational techniques; understand and respect confidentiality; be a highly motivated self-starter; be physically fit to undertake the manual labor involved.

Applications to be sent to:

AIS Inc.

720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 316

Toronto, ON

M5S 2T9

Fax: 416-504-0239