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Who We Are

For people with mental health challenges who are homeless, finding housing is challenging. AIS was created to address this high need to secure safe, affordable housing…,

Toronto needs ambitious plans to expand, to meet the growing need for this type of accommodation and support. The AIS Strategic Plan sets out to build more homes and expand the unique support services.

“For every $1 spent providing housing and support for a homeless person with severe mental illness, $2.17 in savings are reaped because they spend less time in hospital, in prison and in shelters.”

First and foremost, you help people in crisis.

You also save tax dollars. “People who are severely mentally ill and chronically homeless use a lot of services – an average of $225,000 a year, according to research,” reported in The Globe and Mail. “Providing housing and support is costly too – an average of $19,582 per person. But the avoided costs are much greater, $42,536 on average, because those who are housed are put in hospital less often, make fewer ER visits and do not use shelters as often.

“That works out to $2.17 in savings for every dollar.”

See The Globe and Mail’s Article by the Public Health Reporter, Andre Picard

Housing is most cost-effective treatment for mental illness: study

Tenant Testimonials

“AIS is really my home. It is more than a roof over my head. It has given me an opportunity to explore my creative side including publishing my first novel. It is also possible now that I have a home, to have a four-legged son…a wonderful companion…named Wizard.” Tenant, Ken G.

Tenant statement: “I would like to see AIS grow and help more homeless people”.

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