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AIS owns four small apartment buildings in residential communities in the City of Toronto: Riverdale, Beaches, Annex and Downtown Toronto. There are a total of 64 apartment units that AIS manages.

Additionally, AIS has secured rental agreements with private landlords in apartment units throughout the City. As the market rent is too steep for tenants on fixed incomes, AIS provides a Rent Supplement so that tenants can afford to live in private market rental units in the City. This program provides homes for an additional 49 persons who have been homeless.

Improving Accessibility

Ten apartment units in the AIS building portfolio are specifically adapted for the safety needs of persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Visual alerts have been installed to ensure life safety.

In 2013, AIS received generous grants from the City of Toronto and the Toronto Central Local Health Network to install various accessibility features. Features such as automatic door openers, grab bars, non-slip tub surfaces, accessible toilets, visual warning strips on stairs and improved corridor lighting have been installed to improve the safety of each of the AIS tenants.

AIS tenants enjoy long-term tenure at our supportive housing buildings. In fact, the average length of stay is 11 years. The longest tenure is 23 years.  That is a lot of stability for someone who was once transient. Eviction prevention strategies are used to ensure that tenants have the tools necessary to maintain their housing. From the period 2011 – 2015 there were no evictions. AIS’ unique model of support services contributes to this tenancy success and security.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Tenants opinions and feedback are solicited to improve service, and sense of community.
  • Buildings and equipment are frequently and regularly inspected.
  • Each property has a preventative and long-term maintenance program.
  • High standards for building cleanliness and repairs have been set and maintained.
  • Health and safety issues are addressed in a timely manner.
  • 24-hour response to building related problems is provided.
  • Each building maintains a replacement reserve fund for major capital expenditures.