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The Annex

A three-storey mixed use building with an elevator for accessible access was converted from office space to 16 residential units in 2001.

To diversify AIS’ revenue sources, there are three commercial tenancies on the ground floor and one on the second floor.  Additionally, a second floor deck at the rear of the building offers outdoor amenity space for the tenant social programs.

Capital Campaign – Building Improvement Plans

In our continuing efforts to find efficiencies for AIS properties, we hope you will be excited to participate in a Capital Campaign to create two more units out of under-utilized space in our building in the Annex. With the assistance of tenants and architectural and engineering consultants, we have developed plans to convert this space into two newly designed apartment units as well as a new community kitchen and a bigger and more functional office area. You may be pleased to know that one of the residential units will have accessibility features and will meet the needs of a tenant with mobility challenges. The community kitchen will provide opportunities for interactive involvement of tenants in nutritional meal preparation training. This will go a long way in assisting AIS to continue to provide valuable and needed services to tenants. Will you donate to make this a reality?  To date AIS has raised $120,000 of the construction budget of $450,000.

See our proposed residential design

Building Improvement