• Tenants re-connect with their community
  • Tenants feel a sense of belonging
  • Tenants engage in meaningful activities (art, music, recreation, volunteering and part-time work


Participation: AIS aims to build strong, healthy tenant communities through tenant involvement and participation.  Participants are encouraged to play healthy roles as artists, writers, cooks and group facilitators.

Social Functions:  AIS provides, in each building,  opportunities for interaction, skills development and community engagement through social, activity-based groups.

Skills Training:  AIS provides a variety of instructional forums, workshops and educational seminars and efforts are made to provide part-time job opportunities.

Recreation:  AIS believes that recreation makes a powerful contribution to a full and healthy life-style.  Much effort goes into planning and enjoying exciting recreational and sports activities such as, BBQ’s; baseball games; knitting clubs, out of town trips, “make and take” meal preparation, reading clubs, and other activities to bring people together.

International Women's Day Event (IWD): For the past 10 years AIS has taken a leadership role in organizing a fabulous International Women’s Day event for women living in shelters and on the streets. In collaboration with CAMH and the Professional Conference Management Association over 250 women are treated to a day of entertainment, fine cuisine, gifts and more..