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Community Partners

AIS has a referral agreement with the following community partners for new tenants:

The Hostel Outreach Program (HOP)

CONNECT Counselling Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mainstay Housing

AIS Community Support Workers provide services to tenants in need who live at two of the Mainstay buildings.


AIS formed a new community partnership with Wigwamen Inc. In summer 2016, AIS increased housing options to 15 additional clients. Tenants moved into the former PAN AM Athletes’ Village, now called 75 Cooperage.

 I would personally like to thank all of the AIS staff for the massive undertaking of settling people in our new homes. I would also like to thank the Board that worked hard to achieve these goals. My new apartment is beautiful! I also love my autonomy.  Tenant, Scott Benness


All referrals for supportive housing are managed through The Access Point.

There is a network of supportive housing providers in Toronto who advocate for increased supportive housing stock. There currently is an extensive waiting list (over 13,000) persons needing supportive housing in Toronto.