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Charles T

Living in AIS housing is not just about being surrounded by friends and supportive staff. It is about fostering independent living and removing all stress and fear of not knowing where you are going to sleep at night.

I have lived in AIS supportive housing since 2000, during which time I had the opportunity to become a Board Member where I saw firsthand how the tenants’ needs were being addressed; with issues such as their health and safety at the forefront.

AIS tenants are provided with many opportunities to become involved with activities such as Yoga, drumming, healthy eating lessons, and socializing over coffee, etc. For many years I have suffered with chronic back pain as a result of the tornado accident. I was referred to try painkillers and physiotherapy for possible relief, but with limited success until I started Gentle Yoga at AIS. The small classes, calming energy, and holistic approach is what allows my body and mind to heal. All my stresses and anxieties have been reduced through the guidance and instruction in yoga classes. I recommend to everyone suffering from pain and emotional anxiety to try these classes because they work.

All the services that AIS offers to its clients, provide a strong foundation to achieve better living. AIS is a place of hope for those facing health challenges in life.


Charles T.

AIS Tenant