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Ken G

I open my Patio window, it’s a cool spring morning. Wizard my four legged son looks up at me. Yes I guess we will go for a morning walk it’s 6:45 AM. It was years of crushing mental illness and unrelenting poverty until I found AIS housing.

I have had a home now for twenty years. Not just a roof over my head but a real home. AIS offers us much more from cooking meals together and drumming for wellness to special events. I have been seeing a Bereavement Counsellor and Spiritual and Awareness therapy assistance through AIS. AIS helps us grow. Having a home means I have time to explore my creative side. Including self-publishing three booklets of poetry and my novel “My Life with a few Fabrications”. All this was possible once I had a home. “Let’s go Wizard” time for our walk. Thank you AIS. Ken