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Merry M

The trip to Peace Ranch to connect with the animals was really nice.  I loved it there.  I loved getting out of the city, especially the view of the open spaces and trees as you approached the country.

Since I have been in supportive housing, I have become much more social.  I have friends in the building and I enjoy bicycling all around my neighborhood.

I am proud of how I keep my apartment clean and I like to decorate it and change it up many times.  My apartment has been shown to many prominent persons, such as funders and AIS Board Members,  during building tours.

I was really pleasantly surprised to win an award at AIS’ 45th Annual General Meeting.  In front of over 80 people, I received a lovely plaque – Caught in the Act of Caring Award.  This was for showing kindness and courtesy to others in my building and neighborhood.  ….  It felt really good that others noticed this and acknowledged me for it.