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Patrick L


As for AIS:
Beauty on the outside,
Virtues on the inside;
No matter examined
In which style,
Truly worth being lionized.

Thank you very much, Sincerely, Patrick Lam (AIS Tenant)

I have been considering myself very blessed by The Lord and, thus thanking God throughout all these years for the day I had been accepted by AIS to be one of its tenants. Before such years, the living condition of every one of my former residences had been below my standard of satisfaction.  Since the day I started to live at my current home under AIS, the well-being of all the facets of my life have been continually improving.  I could never have become an artist, a poet, an origamist, a flower arranger, a photographer,  a missionary… etc.  all at the same time without engaging in AIS housing.


AIS has been so elevating:
Though I lacked any makings,
I have ever since changed
To be multifariously trained.